Refurbishment Study for high school in Hoorn

ELA was invited by “Stichting Mevrouw Meijer” to carry out a refurbishment study for High School Oscar Romero in the town of Hoorn. For this assignment, ELA chose to work together with “Joost Barendregt Architectuur”. In their proposal, the interior of the school was reorganized by introducing two spacious entrances, a new circular corridor, and a separate sports hall. In Autumn 2016, the school will take a decision about the realization of the proposals.

2016   Oscar Romero School


University Library NUK II, Ljubljana

ELA collaborated with Barcode Architects from Rotterdam to take part in the open competition for a new university library in the centre of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

2012      20.000 m2     € 50 million    images: Barcode Architects.



Petite Ceinture Archiprix, Paris

This final university project started with an investigation into setting up shelters for homeless youngsters. Based on its conclusions, shelters were designed  (one “walk-in”, one “run-away”, and one “wind-up”) for youngsters near a former circular railway in the centre of Paris. This diploma work won the first prize in the Archiprix competition. In 1996, Lamers took part in creating ‘le livre blanc’, a book about the potentials of the former railway.