Emiel Lamers Architectures


ELA is a European architectural firm founded in 1999 by Archiprix-prize-winner Emiel Lamers. With his office he has worked in Rotterdam, Budapest, Paris, Ljubljana and since September 2013, in Amsterdam. These experiences give ELA specific architectural expertise in both Western and Eastern Europe.

ELA is involved in the design and realization of office buildings, private homes, factories, interiors and renovations. Since 2004 Lamers has written 155 articles, most of them as correspondent for the Dutch A10 magazine on new European architectures. He also writes about Hungarian architecture for the Slovenian magazine Piranesi. ELA works as curator for exhibitions and events related to Dutch and Hungarian architectures. Lamers regularly lectures on European architecture at various schools and conferences throughout Europe.

ELA has realised an international competition for a pavilion in the north of Amsterdam. The office has also realised a weaving and knitting factory in France. In Spring 2015, Emiel Lamers’s bilingual book (English and Hungarian), Contemporary Architecture in Hungary, was published.

Since 2016, Lamers has worked part-time at the Faculty of Architecture of the TU Delft. He teaches various courses in the Bachelor programme (GR1, ON1, GR4, ON4) and works as the head mentor for graduate students in the Master of Architectural Engineering programme.

Lamers has also guided more than 175 groups in Amsterdam, Almere, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Lille, Paris, Bordeaux, Basel, Ljubljana, Budapest and Japan.